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CEOs You Should Know: Chris Spraragen

Born and raised in Schenectady, Chris Spraragen is the fourth generation President and CEO of Schenectady Hardware & Electric (SHE), a company his great-grandfather started exactly 100 years ago. As one of the first electrical engineers in the area, his great-grandfather used his skills to modernize the Capital Region by changing all the gas lights to electrical lights in the 1920's.

Chris looks back on his childhood fondly, remembering the times his father would tell him about the family business. He first began working at SHE as a summer helper in high school at the SHE showroom in Clifton Park, then as an assistant project manager in the field his sophomore year of college. He started in the finance department, but continued to grow and learn about the industry from his father and coworkers. Despite coming from a long line of CEO’s, his father never pressured him into taking over the company, and yet, he took on that responsibility when his father passed away in 2008.

Chris explains that even though Schenectady Hardware & Electric has been around for quite some time, their principles remain the same, while their projects continue to grow and develop. With a large local presence, Chris states, “Our fingerprints are all over the Capital Region”. It’s no surprise that with approximately 100 hard working employees, top of the line projects, and competitive pricing, SHE remains one of the most relevant businesses in the area.

While the business typically works within the North Eastern part of New York State, Chris foresees a future where SHE increases its footprint to help lend their expertise to even more Americans with hardware or electrical problems.

Chris Spraragen is a CEO you should know.

Listen to the full interview:

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