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Urban Co-Works moving to new downtown Schenectady offices

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Urban Co-Works is moving to a new location in downtown Schenectady, enabling it to respond to the growing demand and shifting market for private offices and flexible workspaces.

Urban Co-Works will move in September to the second floor of 430 Franklin St. across from City Hall, according to Jeff Goronkin, co-founder and CEO.

It's a short walk from the current location on the fourth floor of Center City at 433 State St. Even though it's slightly smaller, the new address gave Goronkin the chance to customize the layout to meet the needs of clients coming out of the pandemic.

The two-story building has been gutted by the property owner, Spraragen Partners, and renamed The Benjamin.

"The nice thing about it is they stripped it down to the concrete," Goronkin said. "It's just a concrete skeleton and the vision they have is amazing."

Urban Co-Works will fill the roughly 8,500 square feet on the second floor with 34 private offices, multiple conference rooms, a large coworking area, kitchen, privacy booths and access to a deck on the roof.

The overall design is described as "industrial-chic."

The pandemic sparked greater interest in coworking spaces as an alternative for businesses that temporarily or permanently closed their offices to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Clients include employees working from home who want the option of going to an office to be around other people or escape distractions at home.

"People still want to get out and work in a professional environment but not every day," Goronkin said.

Others are entrepreneurs, small-business owners and salespeople who are regularly on the road.

Spraragen Partners is leasing a portion of the first floor to Simone's Kitchen, a Mediterranean fusion restaurant. Two other retail tenants will be announced in the coming months. There's still 1,750 square feet available.

Urban Co-Works has leased space at Center City since 2017 after it purchased what was then called the Electric City Innovation Center.

The Galesi Group owns Center City. The space being vacated by Urban Co-Works will be filled immediately.

"We had multiple companies interested in taking the space," said Ray Gillen, chairman of the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority. "We have a deal with a firm that we will announce after a final lease is signed."

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